Group Aims and Plans


  Founder members Adrian Dening and Tony Power  
  photographed outside the Art Gallery Cafe in Yeovil  




       Original article about the newly-formed group
       courtesy of the Western Gazette
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Following an inaugural meeting on 5th May 2012, we have analysed the feedback from those present.


It was felt that a mix of formal talks, star parties at Ham Hill and practical workshops was desirable, with occasional trips to places like the Charterhouse Observatory on the Mendips.


Consensus of opinion indicated that formal talks should be held every couple of months and that Saturday evenings would be best for this.  Although these talks would be aimed at essentially an adult audience, we are keen to encourage youngsters into the hobby and they would be most welcome at star parties or trips to the observatory.


At this stage it is not planned to create a formal "club" with membership fees and the associated administrative overhead.  Access to formal talks and other such events held at the Art Gallery Cafe will be charged by advance ticket.  This contributes to the hire of the venue, provision of refreshments, advertising and costs of running the website, together with reimbursement for visiting lecturers.


Attendance at star parties and other informal events will be free and is open to all the family.


Star parties can only be arranged at short notice due to the reliability of the weather.  Those interested in attending have been asked to join in a "telephone contact network" that can be used to tip-off other members on the day.  Each member on the list is asked to phone three others and we will endeavour to send a quick email to everyone on the day if possible as well.


Some members suggested that other methods may be cheaper or easier to use for the contact network - text messages, using Facebook or Twitter for example.   With our wide cross-section of membership, not everyone uses websites like Facebook and some only have home phone numbers.  Therefore, rather than having some horrendously complicated system of contacting different people in a multitude of different ways, we will stick with the simple idea of a phone call and email for now.